Active Power CBD ointment


BioBloom active power is a soothing, slightly cooling organic CBD ointment with 600 mg CBD, which naturally relaxes and soothes the skin in irritated and stressed areas such as the neck, joints and knees. It also unfolds its regenerating and relieving effect after intensive sporting activities.


600mg CBD


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Active power contains 600 mg of CBD, the full spectrum of the hemp plant and, for the first time, an extract from the hemp root, which has remarkable beneficial properties. It also contains comfrey, sweet clover and devil’s claw extracts, essential oils from frankincense, lavender, menthol, etc. as well as hemp and almond oils, aloe vera and many other soothing and regenerating plant-based active ingredients. The unique organic formula was developed together with doctors and is free of THC.


The Hemp Root – Rediscovered by BioBloom

Everyone is talking about the hemp flower, which is undoubtedly a great thing, but there is more to the hemp plant. We also turned our attention to the other end of the hemp plant and, in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, researched the great potential of the hemp root. Although its health-promoting ingredients have been known for centuries, it is only now being rediscovered and used by us at BioBloom to produce new, innovative products.

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